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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  April 8, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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week-long history lesson. >> who wants to churn butter on vacation? when i was a kid, give me a ride, i want a roller coaster. >> for kids, not the place to go. you want to take people that have that intellectual curiosity. i don't know if a 9 or an 11-year-old would like it. >> too bad for them, anyway. thanks for watching. stay tuned to msnbc for news on the government shutdown. the last person leaving washington please turn out the lights? let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, of course, going to wait till the midnight hour. those words by the great wilson pickett say it best.
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the deadline for a government shutdown is midnight tonight. as of now, not only is there no agreement, the two sides can't even agree on what there's no agreement on. john boehner says there's no agreement yet on spending, and that's the sticking point. democrats just don't want to cut enough, he says. wrong says harry reid. there is an agreement on this is all about a conservative republican social agenda aimed at crippling planned parenthood and health services it provides to women. who is right and who is spinning? what's really an issue with planned parenthood here and how does president obama come out at the end of all this and who will get the blame if the government shuts down at midnight? we've got all the bases covered tonight. let's begin with the looming shutdown deadline itself. senator barbara boxer is a democrat from california and senator chris kunes is a democrat from delaware. he sits on the budget committee. senator boxer, this is a strange one. politics is about arguing, about
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compromise, about numbers, but is this fight tonight about numbers? you say three, i say five, okay, four. what's it about? >> chris, i'll tell you what it's about. last night there was a meeting at the white house to the wee hour of the morning. there was an agreement on the numbers. i'll be specific. we democrats, understanding you got to cut, you got to cut even if it hurts some of you our beloved programs that we think help people, we agreed to go 78% in the direction of the republicans. now, mind you, they control one-third of the government that's dealing with this. in other words, they got the house, but democrats have the senate and the white house. we didn't say, okay, you're one-third of the powers that be, we'll go to you one-third. we went to them 78%. they had a deal last night and there was one outstanding issue which boehner said he couldn't absolutely move his people on, and that was family planning and
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women's health, title ten. it is not all about planned parenthood. i have to say this to you. because planned parenthood does get 25% of title ten funding. but in my state, we have clinics called names like st. john's clinic and we have the clinics that are run by hospitals and cities and all the rest. so this is the fact. there was an agreemen()ñ harry reid is a man of his word. we know, we have the fact to back it up. the deal was cut. and can you imagine if you and i argue and we've done that in the past. >> i know. >> if one of us comes 78% to the other, i mean, that is really remarkable. we've solved the numbers problem. they are stuck on women's health. i got to tell you, i'm going to tell my people the truth. if this government shuts down, it's because they want to stop breast screening for women, they want to stop cervical cancer screening for women. they want to stop blood pressure
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checks and diabetes help for our families. 5 million families count on these clinics. this is really insane as far as i'm concerned. >> maybe it is. let's take a look at what speaker boehner said today about what's holding up the deal. let's listen to the speaker. >> all i can tell you is that almost all of the policy issues have been dealt with and there is no agreement on the spending level. and we're working to try to get there. >> majority leader harry reid said the only obstacle, as senator boxer just said, was the republicans ride are to defund women's health services from planned parenthood. let's listen to senator reid, the leader. >> it will be crystal clear to the american people that democrats are reasonable and republicans are responsible for shutting down the government. the fact that republicans have made this about women's health and not about money or anything controversial is really a sham. >> let me go to senator kunes,
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we've had budget fights as long as we can remember. this is what you do, you argue over number and you reach an agreement. out of nowhere comes this rider so-called. this added cultural question. not necessarily. it could be i guess applied to abortion. but it is really about birth control and about women's preventive situation, where you want to prevent health problems and if you want to prevent a pregnancy. why do you think republicans are fighting to the last person on this fight? >> it doesn'tç make any sense me. this is no way to run a government, no way to run a business. we're more than halfway through the current fiscal year. every federal agency from the small business administration to the fbi doesn't yet know how much they've got to spend for the current fiscal year. we should be talking about our economy's health not fighting an ideological war over women's health. this ought to be a clean
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spending bill, one that allows us to come to agreement as i believe we have on how much to cut out of this year's budget, pass it and move on to dealing with the big issue, the there'll dollar issue, which is our long-term debt and deficit and making progress and passing an fy-12 budget. instead for two months now, we seem to have been stuck as the folks on the other side and in the other chamber have moved the goalpost several times. i think they need to learn how to hear yes. democrats, folks in the caucus and the senate have agreed to significant cuts and concessions this year. we need to reach agreement and move on. >> you ran against a very charming full mooner in the last election, someone who was way out there politically. i'm beginning to think that the full mooners have taken over the republican caucus. this is the kind of thing that christine o'donnell would be doing, finding something in planned parenthood. senator boxer, this seems that the republican party is not the party of tom keagle or anybody
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you can recognize from california over the years. it's almost like a birch society has taken over the party. >> let me give you a better one than that. do you know, chris, who signed the title ten program into law? >> no, i don't know. >> okay. richard nixon. chris, in 1970. and do you know one of the co-sponsors of the legislation that set up the tie ten women's health program? george herbert walker bush. so this crowd over here has left the republican party behind, and all i'm saying is i'm appealing to mainstream america regardless of party, weigh in here. and i would say quite simply, if you ran one-thirdç of the government, all right, and the other two-thirds decide to come over to you 78% of the way on cuts, you should say, as chris coons said, thank you very much. we did it.
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and let's get on with it. they can't do it because they have become this extreme faction in america. and it is stunning to me. and i have to say to every one of my senate colleagues and house colleagues, call up one of the 4500 clinics in america that get this funding. they only -- only a quarter of the money goes to planned parenthood. so we know planned parenthood. by the way, not a penny can be used for abortion. you know that. the law has been forever. >> i know the lawp about the hyde amendment. >> yeah, but call the other who get this money. they will tell you that they save lives every day by doing these important hiv/aids testing and blood pressure and diabetes testing and 50% of the people of the 5 million americans that use these clinics, that's their only health care. and these boys want to shut them down along with the federal government. and i will tell you, chris, i've been around here a while. you know that.
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i have never seen anything like this in my life. and it reminds me a little bit about wisconsin. remember in wisconsin they said, oh, all this battle is about numbers. and then the unions came in and said, we'll give you the numbers. what it really was about was taking away their rights. what this is about is taking away women's health. that's what it's about. it's not about the numbers. >> you know, congressman coons, i guess you're sort of a regular democrat, not a really extreme democrat based upon your state. i guess that's where you are, senator coons. on the issue of abortion rights most people would like to see less abortion, so they believe in the right of the woman to choose, but they believe that fewer would about be better probably for a lot of reasons. birth control is the way to do that. it may be the profound fact here that the republicans are holding up what is really a federal program to encourage women to plan çchildren, to have them responsibly and make responsible decisions including the use of birth control. and making that available to
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poor women by the million. why would somebody who is anti-choice or pro life if you will, be against birth control? it doesn't make any logical sense. >> what you're saying there just happen to reinforce strongly how irresponsible this is. the $300 million that's spent every year on title ten women's health services as senator boxer said, a program that goes back to 1970, was launched with strok republican support is something that gives access to health screenings, to cancer screenings and to contraceptive counseling for low income women all over this country. there's 26 health clinics in the state of delaware that receive title ten funding. five of them planned parenthood affiliated, the rest not. they provide critical services that help make sure that the children who are born in delaware are wanted children are healthy children. i can't believe at this point in our economy we're fighting over this narrow ideological issue.
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it's turned into a fight over trying to shut down title ten. there were 60 riders on this bill when the continuing resolution came over from the house. and what the folk in our leadership have been negotiating vigorously with speaker boehner with over the last couple of days is steadily knocking them down one by one. things that would have extended the epa's ens forcement, shut down public broadcasting. the democrats in the senate have made significant reductions in spending. we've committed to joining in making significant cuts in federal spending. the only thing that's left here is about ideology. even for those who might be very concerned about making this their number one issue, cutting title ten doesn't make sense. so if we have to have a fight about abortion rights, about life versus choice, let's have that fight. but a spending bill is not the place to have it. all of us agree we ought to get back to focusing on çjob. chris, one last example. this monday morning, next week
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monday my senate office in delaware has been working hard to pull together a great job fair. we expect a thousand unemployed delawareans to come. we've got 50 companies lined up to come help people interview for jobs. if the federal government shuts down my senate employees can't pull off that job fair. i've reached out and gotten volunteers and cooperation from our wonderful governor and our state government, so we'll still be able to pull it off. if you think about how many other things won't get done monday to help americans get back to work if we actually shut down, i think it's outrageous. >> great. hear you. senator barbara boxer, thank you for coming on "hardball." i don't think this is about abortion, it's about birth control, which is one of the strangest things we've debated in a long time. are republicans really threatening to shut down the government over this stuff? screenings for sercervical canc? [ female announcer ] think a thick cream is the only way to firm skin?
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are you willing to hold up this entire budget over defunding planned parenthood?
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>> well, of course i am. >> isn't that great? you may disagree with him, but pence is laying it on the line. of course i would. politicians don't usually talk like that. that was indiana congressman mike pence earlier this week. it was pence himself who offered the original amendment back in february to stripped planned parenthood of all federal funding, but it's not the hot button issue abortion. no federal money goes to abortion. it's to pay for care of the people that receive from that organization. i'm joined by the president of planned parenthood. and jon heilman who covers politics. it's always great to have you come on although it always seems to be hot when you come on here. we have the hyde amendment. and the hyde amendment as you know from your work in abortion issues and the whole question of choice, bans, under the law -- it's been this case for 20-some years, you can't spend federal
7:18 pm
money on abortions. you can spend it on birth control, women's health, checkings, screenings, mammograms, whatever. tell me what this fight is about as you see it. >> what it is about now, it's incredible that we're sitting here and the federal budget is being held up overç the issue whether women are going to be able to get family planning, pap smears and breast exams. that's absolutely the issue. it's unthinkable to me that they'd be going after these services. planned parenthood sees 3 million patient a year, 97% of our services are preventive care. that's really what's at stake. >> we can argue about abortion forever. this is not about that. >> that's right. >> according to the numbers i looked at today social services are funded by the federal government today prevent about 2 million unwanted pregnancies which translate into the human pattern of free choice in our country where it is a choice, about 800,000 abortions avoided. if you're pro life it seems you
7:19 pm
would be for something like this that would radically reduce the number of abortions by women under the law. why wouldn't they support it? >> it makes no sense, you're exactly right. planned parenthood, the largest family planning provider in the country and we provide birth control to 2.5 million people every single year. we prevent more unintended pregnancies than any other organization in america. >> are there strict conservatives now still against birth control? maybe i missed a step here. >> that's what this seems to me, this is a war on women's health at large, family planning, cancer screenings. congressman steve lynch made this point very eloquently -- >> who is a pro lifer. >> yes. he said we should be spending more money on family planning. if we want to reduce inintended pregnancy, we should support planned parenthood and support family planning. it's good for american people and good for american families. >> that impressed me when i saw steve lynch who is a pro life
7:20 pm
guy in massachusetts, which is tough, which is a pro choice state, i know the guy. he's doing what he believes. he believes that it is better for the pro life cause to have an opportunity tore poor women to get birth control when they want it. when it's a choice for them, too. >> i think you're pointing out that there is something of a cleavage within the pro life ç community. there are some who are really committed primarily and centrally and maybe only to the notion of reducing abortions. there are others in that community who are obviously against abortion but are also interested in policing morality. and what they are interested in to some extent is birth control if it means abstinence. and that's the agenda that they're really on. they're not exactly anti-birth control but only pro birth control when it adheres to a certain set of moral strictures that they espouse. >> i'm sure they're going around telling all the young men to
7:21 pm
participate in this program. i'm sure they're very active in that front. you know i'm being sarcastic. they never talk about that. >> yeah. >> it's like being there for the landing not the takeoff. let's go to -- i'm being dead serious here. they're not serious. let's go to harry reid on the floor of the senate this morning. let's watch him. >> republicans want to shut down the government because they think there's nothing more important than keeping women from getting cancer screenings? this is indefensible and everyone should be outraejed. men and women. republicans are asking me to sacrifice my wife's health, my daughter's health and my nine granddaughters' health. >> you may not want to talk politics, but that's all i care about most of the time. i'm looking at the independent voter in the suburbs where they're basically pro choice. they are concerned about too many abortions. they would like to see people not having unwanted pregnancies. they do want to be responsible about family planning. they were with planned parent
7:22 pm
hood from the beginning. i don't see republicans who squeaked into those seats beating out chris carnie up around scranton and dal kemper up there, those seats are now vulnerable that they've gotten to this overreach i'd call it in terms of cultural issues. what do you think politically? >> it's been an incredible overreach. that's why we're hearing from thousands of people across the country, men, women, folks who can't believe we're basically playing politics -- the house of representatives is playing politic with women's @e@lth care. the polling on this unbelievable. when you talk about women under the age of 50, they are absolutely opposed to any cuts like this. and when you talk particularly about young people and young men and women, these are folks that come to planned parenthood. they rely on us tore birth control, std testing and treatment. one woman caroline smithers wrote in to us from florida.
7:23 pm
she had gotten her first pap smear in her 20s. we detected cervical cancer. she got cured. her two daughters are in their 20s are planned parenthood patient. that's the kind of person who says what is the federal government doing taking away cancer screening preventive services for women. >> here's pat toomey, a club for growth guy. he's talking about this planned parenthood rider. here is republican conservative on "morning joe" today. let's watch. >> neither side is going to get everything they'd like. you know i'd like to defund planned parenthood, but i understand that republicans don't have complete control of the elected government. so i think we should cut spending as much as we can, get the policy changes that we can, but move on because there are other bigger battles that we ought to be fighting. >> he ain't no rick santorum, because santorum would be loving
7:24 pm
this fight. this is one he'd want to go down on. in fact he did. >> this is a mistake on two levels. on one level it's a mistake because they've now given the democrats this gift on the eve of the government shutdown when before they were framing this issue in terms of reducing spending, that was a good issue for republicans. now this is being framed as being about republican extremism on abortion and women's health. that's bad for republicans. the other reason why it's bad for republicans -- >> why are they riding around on a church bus blasting away at npr, planned parenthood? how did they get on this bus? >> partly because we've allen slightly fooled by the notion that republicans were very disciplined in 2010 in term of staying focusedhon fiscal issus when a lot of the new people in congress are deep cultural conservatives and now that's colling out. what senator toomey made that point on "morning joe county ,"
7:25 pm
saying we have two huge battles on the debt ceiling and on the 2012 budget. we have limited political capital. let's not squander it on something small. let's save it up for something big. that's why the bigs mistake they could possibly be making right now. take their victory home right now and live to fight the bigger battles with more political capital in their bag. >> biggest political mistakes in schiavo. overreaching into people's lives against the normal middle of the road person, getting into things they shouldn't be getting involved with. this is schiavo country. this killed the career of people like rick santorum, whether he knows it or not. thank you. >> great to see you, chris. >> it always is. if the government shuts down, he's claiming he'll have to ride a bike to the nearest ymca to get a shower. this is a strange sort of character here. wait till you meet him. he lives in his office and doesn't have a car.
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back to "hardball." now to the side show. what a friday night. first up, getting the bum's rush. i think donald trump has reached a certain new level in politics, getting beat up by the comics, even to the point of having his words played with. catch this from last night. >> donald trump was on the "today" show this morning to talk about running for president. a lot of people say this is all a publicity stunt. i'm going to give trump some credit. at least the guy is very honest. take a look. >> the people will look and say, the guy, he has a reality show -- >> not a reality show. >> is this the kind of person that's presidential? >> i know this. i will be a terrible president, i've never taken it seriously. if i decide to run, it's one of the greatest scams in the history of politics and in
7:30 pm
history, period. it's pretty sad because the whole world is looking at us and laughing at us. ultimately we're going to destroy our own freedom. by the way, if i run, i will have pulled one of the great cons in the history of politics. >> well, you know, when i first began listening to that, i thought wait a second, for a nanosecond donald was giving it all away. he was having his words manipulated for fun. as i said, he's reached a certain level. next up, high and dry, several dozen lawmakers live in their congressional offices in washington. the visitors go home at night, the staff calls it quits. they hunker down, call their wives, eat something from mickey d's, all in the drafty marble buildings. a little spooky i'd say. while the offices remain open, if there's a shutdown, the house gym will not remain open during a shutdown. that's not just a fitness problem for these guys, it's a hygiene problem. because no showers for the boys who live there at night, a scenario republican congressman
7:31 pm
jason chaffetz is now facing. >> a government shutdown might mean the building shower facilities are going to be shut off.ç what are you going to do if that happens? >> i better figure out where the local ymca is. i bet there's one fairly close. i do have a bicycle here. i might be visiting the ymca. >> let me get this straight. the guy makes $174,000 a year. he doesn't have a place to sleep at night. he doesn't have a car to get there if he did. can't he find a roommate and get a cheap basement on capitol hill? what's he doing with his congressional parking space? a lot of doomsday talk about the prospect of a government shutdown in washington. guess what? it's happened before. how many times? 17. we're going for 18. it looks like tonight. we'll see. 17 government shutdowns, tonight's big historic number. president obama's leadership styles being tested by this budget standoff. the government shutdown standoff, if you will.
7:32 pm
so far he's try to appear above the fray. i think he's done a good job at that. while his base may want him to do more in terms of not cutting anything, he's making a play for the middle where all the votes are. that's ahead. let's see how he's doing in his fight. you're watching "hardball" only on msnbc. ♪ [ male announcer ] escape convention. ♪ escape definition. ♪ escape compromise. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green. ♪ and here's what we did today in homes all across america: we created the electricity that powered the alarm clocks and brewed the coffee. we heated the bathwater and gave kelly a cleaner ride to school. cooked the cube steaks and steamed the veggies. entertained dad, and mom, and a neighbor or two.
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i'm milissa rehberger. in lib yarks the european union is prepping a humanitarian mission supported by combat troops to bring food and supplies into the rebel stronghold of misrata. israel says a hamas commander was killed by an air strike bringing to 17 the number of palestinians killed in escalating violence there. in syria, 20 people from both sides of the conflict were killed in the latest round of anti-government protests. thousands of egyptians
7:36 pm
turned out to demand their military -- now back to "hardball." back to "hardball." a crazy night. president obama made numerous appearances this week, some unscheduled, some planned to try to push for an agreement on this budget deal to avoid a government shutdown. although he's been visible, he made it clear that he's the adult in the room and this is a watch them fight among the washington types. let's watch him do it. >> i think what they're looking for from me is the same thing from speaker boehner and harry reid and everybody else, and that is that we act like grownups. >> you want everybody to act like adults,uit playing games, realize it's not just my way or the highway.
7:37 pm
how many folks are married here? when was the last time you just got your way? that's not how it works. we're going to keep on pounding away at this thing because i'm absolutely convinced that we can get this done. we've been working very hard over the last two years to get this economy back on its feet. for us to go backwards because washington couldn't get its act together is unacceptable. >> how is president obama weathering this test of leadership? and it is a big one. mark halperin, an msnbc political analyst and "time" magazine editor at large. eugene robinson, a pulitzer prize winning columnist for "the washington post" and msnbc political analyst. i want to go to mark on this in terms of the numbers and the polling. the polling seems to show among independent suburbanites that they find in the polling, they want a compromise, they want the president to be the guy going to
7:38 pm
the center on the numbers. >> the white house has been brilliant and the president has been disciplined on message on two points. one, the one you just made. the people want them to compromise, they want washington to get this done and move on to other problems like jobs. the other thing he's done brilliantly is to be outside washington, anti-washington, all incumbent presidents have this as their challenge, not just for re-election but for governing. he's cast himself as the person who is sick as the country is of all this washington stuff. he wants them to get it done. really disciplined day after day in filling that space. >> gene, you and i went through this. reagan was good at that. he would be on the ranch and saying i work in washington and i don't really live there, these guys are a bunch of clowns. >> exactly. it's an art form. president obama is learning to do it. i think in terms of his re-election strategy and his popularity and standing especially with independents, i think he's done very well in this budget. >> how does he keep the left happy?
7:39 pm
>> that's the thing. in terms of the actual numbers, the budget numbers, $38 billion in cuts or something like that is where they'll end up, is a lot. it will not leave the left happy. what would drive the left crazy would be if he caved essentially on planned parenthood and some of the social -- >> yeah, that's what i think. let me go back to mark on that. planned parenthood is one of the issues that you and i -- we've all been to fund-raisers and watched who shows up. i don't think many democratic contributors are pro-life. they're pro-choice.ç if he would to give in to bamming or killing planned parenthood as a government partner, that would seem to be something that would not be forgiven, be tough for the president on this one. >> it's not just about the contributors in the sense that i think they probably have public opinion on their side. it's clear the republicans think so, too. you don't think john boehner going out there saying this is a fight about defunding planned parenthood. he's trying to play it down. this is one where the president can stand up for what he
7:40 pm
believes and what his contributors and supporters want and have the winning political hand. >> i guess because i've heard the word "choice" at every fund-raiser i've been to. >> exactly. >> this is president in pennsylvania. here he is talking about the fight about whether the government should shut down tonight. let's listen. >> i've got some democrats mad at me. but i said, you know what, let's get past last year's budget and let's focus on the future. >> sometimes, gene -- a minute ago he had the little boy smile of his which is so winning. mark noticed it too. he brings it out. i don't know whether it's technique. >> it's the equivalent of the head waggle, the reagan head waggle. >> oh, yeah? >> it's charming. >> he only seems to be able to do it when he's winning. i don't know if he can do it when he's losing. i look at that. you do a side by side of him and -- and i always said this about boehner. he has a bigger job than i do. speaker of the house. i'm not talking down to him. the poor guy looks like he's
7:41 pm
schvitzing, sweating, he may be crying. obama has got that no sweat, i got it together and boehner comes on like, oh, do i have to do this? i've got to blast -- mark, somebody said he's got a blow torch in his back from the tea party? >> chris, i respectfully submit i think that's overstated. >> tell me what's true. >> i think he is ideologically sympathetic with the tea party, i think he understands the reality of how big a force they are not just in congress but around the country, but also knows he's got to be the adult from the point of getting something passed. he's like the president, he has things he wants but he's not all powerful. but that doesn't mean there's any great personal tension between them. he got a big ovation today when he addressed the full conferencç including the tea party freshmen in terms of standing up to the president. he's handled himself really well. it's a tough situation. he doesn't see totally eye to eye on tactics, but in terms of the heart and his agenda, i think he's with the tea party every step of the way. >> you think he's carrying this planned parenthood with any delight? >> he's pro-life, and i think republicans have a good point when they say democrats have
7:42 pm
been for riders in budget bills in the past when they controlled the process. i don't think he does this all that reluctantly. again, he's not out there full throated saying this is a winning issue for us. that doesn't mean he's not for it. it means he sees the politics as well. >> terribly nuanced, sir. well done. thank you, mark. have a nice weekend. we might all have is a nice weekend. who knows what's going to happen? eugene robinson, thank you. the tea party is pushing john boehner for deeper cuts. we'll see the blame game. will it be the president or republicans? nobody will know for a couple days. we'll try to find out tonight. this is "hardball" only on msnbc. who gets hit on this one?
7:43 pm
the looming government
7:44 pm
shutdown here in washington will keep president obama in town over the weekend. he canceled plans to take the first family down to williamsburg in virginia. boy, i love that place. a statement from the white house late today says the president will continue to work with congressional leaders to avert a shutdown this weekend. we'll be right back. bonnie, turn up the volume.
7:45 pm
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7:47 pm
we breathe is clean and pure. the tea party cheers for a shutdown. >> stand up to the tea party once and for all. >> tea party folks and others -- >> now the tea party. >> tea party. >> tea party. >> tea party. >> you know who they're fighting. does the tea party hold a key to a spending compromise and will they give speaker boehner room to cut the deal? joining me is an expert, a leader of the tea party, matt kibbe of freedomworks. we also have david corn, analyst at mother jones. i love the notion of you two sitting next to each other. i think it's left and right? tea party, are you willing to take responsibility for this coup d'etat? >> i hope harry reid keeps attacking the tea party. because you got understand that these are people all over america who have a set of values, but we're not a political party. this is the same strategy the democrats pursued in november. it didn't work then. it's not going to work now.
7:48 pm
when they attack the idea that the government should stop they're attacking the very center of the american voting public. >> you'll take the heat? >> i'm happy to take the heat. >> david, why are the democrats focusing on the tea party and not the regular republican leaders in all the big states? >> there was a pew study that came out this week that said the american public has soured or is souring on the tea party, that they don't agree with them. it's down to 22% of americans agree with the tea party. that's not a very high number. >> how many? >> 22, 22%. >> how did they ask the question? >> that's how they asked the questions. >> i got a better poll than that. let's go to this one. shows why the democrats want to compromise and why the republicans don't. this is a great number. "wall street journal"/nbc poll, a straight poll. 68% of democrats think their party leaders should compromise on the budget, only 26% say stick to the policies. let's look at the other side. among republicans, 56% are opposed to their leading forging any compromise.
7:49 pm
38%. a little more mixed. i have a theory about this. why do democrats want to compromise, republicans don't want to compromise? >> because i think the democrats have misplayed their hand and almost too gleefully wrung their hands in public saying i hope the government shuts down. >> not politicians. why do regular people want their leaders to compromise? >> all americans understand you can't keep spending money you don't have. >> both moved by the same impulse to cut spending? both sides? that's fair. the conservatives are saying being more conservative? >> the democrats are saying we're willing to work with you. the base and the leadership, they've offered -- >> meet with you on lower government spending. >> on lower government spending, yes. i think they've given too much, but they have acted reasonable. what we've seen in the last few days is that not only on economic issues, but on a social issue, on giving women health services through planned parenthood and other clinics, the tea party and the republican party are saying no. so it's not a fiscal issue oh.
7:50 pm
>> let's see if you agree. do you agree? is it about dollars, is it about spending?ç >> it's about dollars. >> is it about birth control and planned parenthood. >> what's the tea party position on planned parenthood? >> the tea party position on thn on planned parenthood? >> the party position on planned parenthood. >> you understand it's primarily motivated by fiscal issues and everything needs to be on the table. planned parenthood needs to be on the table. defense needs to be on the table. >> we're not unlocking the bill because there's no big defense cuts. why is the tea party not screaming about that? why are they focusing on women's health services. >> all these people are supporting -- >> the bottom line is we have to cut the deficit. here's the bottom line. $1 billion was the republicans'
7:51 pm
leading offer. it's 4% of this year's budget deficit. 4%. we're squabbling about peanuts relative to that. i say put everything on the table and get the biggest number you can and -- put that aside. i'm not interested in policy riders. >> why are the republicans sticking to that? >> he doesn't have to answer for the republicans. >> he doesn't have to answer. you're arguing with the wrong guy. >> i'm just asking why you think they're doing that? you'd like to see a deal. would you like to see the republicans give it up. >> this is about the ideology and i know what you're up to. you want to bad guys not to be boring, john boehner but exciting tea party people. >> listen, i think john boehner is doing the bidding of the exciting tea party people. but i don't think it's just the tea party. >> he says he doesn't have a blow torch and mark halperin backed him up.
7:52 pm
boehner is boehner and the republican speaker of the house is doing what he believes in. cutting spending for planned parenthood. >> and he's protecting the 80 or so tea party people representing theç religious rights. >> we are learning about the government shutdown. if it shuts down, it may. i have no idea if they will reach a deal. would you be happy if it shut down for a couple of weeks ever o'the issue of government spend something. >> i think the only thing worse is not doing something serious about it. >> it may be inevitable because the democrats seem to think it's a good political strategy. the democrats seem to think uds a good political strategy for them. >> don't you think the suspect giving a lot here? >> i don't think there will be a shutdown. >> he's giving a lot because he doesn't believe there should be a shutdown because he's being overly responsible. >> i have been saying this and you can check me on this. no, you can't really >> i will though. >> next summer when it's really
7:53 pm
hot in particular -- i always think about the end game. tampa, republican national convention. lots of tea party people there. they may not be dressed right but they'll have the time of their lives. they'll stay at the days inn and they'll be so happy to be there. up steps a boring guy like mitt romney or m-- >> you are calling the shots of the republican party? >> i hope so. >> so, i got you back to where he was which is the tea party calling the shots. >> they want to be calling the shots. >> you know what's just happened? you've been playing "hardball" with me. you've been tricked into saying you know you're calling the shots. you're blushing. >> no, no, the american people
7:54 pm
are calling the shots. >> i think dick army and freedom works and all their corporate sponsors are glad. there it is. you can look it up. you want to be authoritative about this? okay, come back and ask them for their funders and their donors and see who's there? >> you thinkç it will happen? >> the shutdown? >> yeah. >> i think there's a good chance that it might. >> thank you. you're always welcome here. >> even when you're wrong you're welcome. you're always right. let me finish with the sensitive questions of the planned parenthood. you're watching ""hardball"" on msnbc. you with good nutrition, farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. your advertising mail campaign is paying off! business is good! it must be if you're doing all that overnight shipping.
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let me finish tonight with this patle over planned parenthood. it's no trivial thing, unintended pregnancies happen when people don't use birth control or don't use itç consistently. should the u.s. government encourage the use of birth control to reduce pregnancies or not? that's a fair question. if you see a equal mr ral problem with both abortion and birth control it doesn't make sense to promote one in order to avoid the other. but this is the point with much of this debate over planned parenthood hangs. if you believe birth control is a far better alternative to abortion should the government
7:59 pm
provide it? giving people information and counseling and help and birth control something the government should be doing? is it a good thing for our society to give women an alternative to an unwanted pregnancy? one in an sizable amount of cases would end up in abortion. right now, the government does give birth control information and help to women. it does it through planned parenthood and the republicans want to stop that. here are the best facts available according to the research. publicly-financed birth control prevents 2 million pregnancies a year and based on historic patterns and like it or not, 800,000 fewers abortions in the country. is that worthwhile or not? ask yourself. the doctors and nurses of planned parenthood provide other services to women besides birth control. 2.5 million people a year. a million screenings a year for cervical cancer. 4 million for hiv and other sexually transmitted diseases. planned parenthood also pro


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